Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Speed Grapher 1-8

Eps 1-4:

Story starts when photo journalist, Saiga finds secret club where only rich people are allowed and meets Kagura, goddess there. From her Saiga get secret power, power to kill people with camera. He escape with Kagura, but she get caught by her mother. Later Saiga save her, but more bad guys try to kill him.

Eps 5-8:

Kagura learn ways of normal life. Diamond lady and crazy dentist (don't ask real names, i don't remember) wants Kagura too, but do it without success.

Speed Grapher has interesting story and original one too. Normally heroes use sword or some magic. Using camera is something what i haven't seen before and enemies are pretty freaks too. Talking about freaks, that dentist. I just couldn't watch few scenes in ep 7-8. I can stand lot of blood. But my personal fear with dentists and that character were just too much.

Character design is ok. OP is very good and ED ok.

So far looks great, i hope it stay interesting.


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