Friday, June 30, 2006

Princess Princess D 1

Okay, this is first live action show that I actually liked. Not that I have seen many, but they are usually filled with awful acting and because of that dull characters. Can't really say that the whole cast was that impressive, but I liked Kaoru as a lunatic cloth designer. He managed to act faithfully to his anime character and was definitely the funniest character there.

One wtf moment was when I saw those princesses clothes. I mean, who the hell designed that ugly dress? I certainly hope that they won't use same one later. Still, first episode had enjoyable comedy and I was bit surprised how well the jokes got through translation from anime version since (obviously) Princess Princess can't use SD faces here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Saiunkoku Monogatari 3

I actually forgot that I should watch this too, but oh well. I think I should take back some things that I said before, at least temporary. That Emperor finally got some sense into his head and noticed Shuurei. She is truly remarkable character, intelligent and reasonable at same time. As much as I like hyperactive little girls on shoujo Shuurei still has rare qualities for heroine in anime and that definitely make this series worthwhile.

I have liked her whole time, but more important reason for my increased interest was that other things around her were less dull
. Mainly Emperor's and Shuurei's relationship that advanced and hopefully he forgets men now... Anyway, this episode raised SaiMono from 'drop shortly' category and I'm looking forward to see more.

Aria The Natural 10 - stalkers in training

Undine trio enjoy their day as usual, Aika and Alice are somewhat surprised how Akari has so many friends and they decide to follow her in order to find out why. In the end those two also meet man with marionettes that they have seen before in their childhood.

Dammit, Akari, Aika and Alice need be together! This episode shows that Aria simply don't work properly if they aren't together. Akari is the crucial person
that balance things, without her Aika and Alice seems to be bit too distant to general mood.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crossdressers from Venus and Mars

On shoujo genre there are right now two shows that have some similarities, Ouran high school host club and Princess princess. I have only watched first and tenth episode from Ouran, latter one I follow regularly. The difference of the popularity between those two is huge and you may wonder why I as a quite devoted shoujo-fan don't watch FHaruhi at all. Bishies don't belong to my favourites when it comes to anime, but to be honest that's not real problem here.

The thing is, I really would like to watch it, but I just don't find it funny. It's not "okay, I saw one or two funny jokes and rest were boring"-type, more like total miss. As I mentioned before I checked tenth episode just to be sure, but it was same as the first episode. There wasn't single joke I liked. I guess I just have to accept it.

On other hand, Princess princess is fine example of good comedy series. I was actually surprised to when I found out how good it is. The "story" can be explained in one sentence, it's basically 3 boys dressing like girls in order to continue their school's tradition. The series has strong slice of life taste within it, we get to see their everyday school life and problems how to fit studying, life outside the school and duties of princesses together.

Main cast, at least in anime, don't have any relationships between each other, but one has girlfriend(!). Which raises questions if PriPri is shounen ai at all. So far there have been one kiss (not that what's in screenshots) between boys without any emotions and quite fanservice-ish ED that I don't mind much. Some probably consider that those are enough, I think it's just shoujo. In conclusion Princess princess isn't for everyone, but what is?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

PopoloCrois Story 1998 1

That song A-BT&Pakapuka's sub use for character introduction in the beginning is catchy one. I really would like to hear that later on, but it's probably just in the game. Anyway, I found this anime through psgels's posts and I'm thankful that I did.

The episode begin with quite hilarious scene where Pietoro try to rest on the roof of the tower and Kai teases him. Shortly after that she turn back into lovely princess-like form. The bad guy of the story is mad scientist that seems to be passionate one, he has some epic plans how to conquer the world and also wants Narcia. I have to praise the character design, particularly ones that Pietoro, Narcia/Kai and Hyuu have. Those skillfully capture innocence of childhood, way better than many modern series with supposed-to-be cute animation.

The first episode was fascinating. Not anything groundbreaking, but gives a chance to watch something different once in a while.