Friday, July 28, 2006

.hack//roots 17

I have been bit amazed about roots's quality recently and I think Haseo's emo mode gets main thanks. The story so far has been moderately interesting, I would have dropped this long ago otherwise. But lack of any emotional attachments have still kept my expectations somewhat low, it's far from same thing when I don't particularly care what happens to characters. It's little funny, but I think my favourite character's, Shino's disappearance triggered this. Little after that Haseo started his angst and as you may know I eat angst with every meal so it's only natural that my interest raised.

I'm also not sure when I was this excited over action scenes, that's quite achievement considering my current dislike of action generally. So far so good, Shino's and Haseo's relationship is interesting one and I hope it stays that way to the end of series.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Timeless boredom in the middle of rush

Sigh, too many episodes to watch and not that much motivation to actually write something. The fact that I have said almost everything I can think of doesn't exactly help. This particular moment where first impressions are done, but the stories haven't picked up yet is dull time when I should think something creative about thin yuri fanboys or why Nana is now one step closer being perfect anime with perfect content. But it would suck anyway so I can't be bothered right now.

Few random notes:

- .hack//roots ep 16: Somewhat interesting episode for once. How they managed to make such awesome music?

- Honey&clover II ep 2: Why have I so slow computer? I can't watch HD files...

- Princess princess ep 12: Still waiting in 'to watch'-list. PriPri deserves review just because there have been lot of misunderstanding about it. Crossdressers, not yaoi!

- Ah! my goddess: I really should write proper post, but for now I say only this. AMG is dropped, I can't stand Keiichi and his brainless harem anymore. But since I liked it a lot in past there probably will be more, stay tuned if you still care.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Binbou Shimai Monogatari 3

Blah, not again. As you may know Aria's subbing has been slow lately and once again I end up comparing every slice of life anime I see with Aria. Half of time I just think when I can watch that masterpiece again and not episode itself. That isn't really fair to other shows, but the feeling comes without particularly trying. BSM is great series, but I just feel so distracted that I can't fully enjoy it. Though I love Asu's voice actor, it's so cute. =)

More shoujo and why I like pink pencils

Yeah, I got pink pencil when I bought Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne's second volume. I'm sure you are envious right now, the cover is pink too. Nice job making shoujo girlish as possible. =) And I also saw few books that I had to get, Nana 2-3 and Full Moon wo Sagashite 5-6. Now I can't buy more Fruits Basket... Life is full of cruel decisions.

At the home I actually looked what kind of manga I have, about 50% is either from Arina Tanemura or Ai Yazawa. I guess I'm faithful fan of both mangaka and that percent probably rise in the future too.

Bokura ga Ita 2

It seems that humour picked up from first episode and main couple is also more likeable now. I ranted about lack of quality in visuals before so that's enough for now, but as I'm begin to like characters more animation also bothers me more. This could be so much better, it feels like wasting lot of potential. I really hope rest of the series isn't like this.

The music however, I really liked how the episode used background music, especially last few minutes in scene between Nanami (I'm bit hesitant to call her Nana since that remind me too much that other anime) and Yano. Was that extended version of ED or just long background song? In any case, it sounded pleasant for me. I think I follow Bokura ga ita, it seems to be good shoujo series which is thing that this season lacks, other than H&C there isn't any.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome to the N.H.K. 1

There is only one word to describe what I just saw: pathetic. That moment when I heard this is going to be about some hikikomori I knew it will hopeless to even try to like it. I didn't mention Nhk on season preview and expected absolutely nothing. That also what I got, absolutely nothing. It's impossible for me to feel sorry for Satou since I think his state is self caused. He is same pathetic loser no matter how hard anime try to discuss about problems of society and it would be pointless to watch more.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Otogi-Jushi Akazukin 2

I wonder if I took too much similar screenshots. No, that's not possible. They are too cute for that. Anyway... , I liked second episode more since we got second cute girl, Shirayuki-hime, that magical girl I told previously.

I hope I don't repeat myself, but main reason that I watch this are Akazukin and Shirayuki. Action isn't bad at all, but that's not really my thing though hopefully our blue haired hime make it more enjoyable. One thing I wish I could forget is Ringo, she is tsundere so does that really need explanation why I don't like her? Overall looking good if I don't get cuteness overload anytime soon.

And btw, you were right lolikitsune, Akazukin has good chances to be new god.

Nana 11- Hachi's awesomeness in the nutshell

Hachi can so lovely sometimes. There have been complaining how annoying she is, but I like her very much. She is total airhead and perfect character for my taste. Summer season has been almost complete failure in comedy section so far that I almost lost fate to find anything funny, compared to that Hachi is so hilarious that it should illegal.

And to make Nana best show running right now, Oosaki is just queen of the drama. All serious scenes that she has are nicely done and top of that both OP and ED continue to be amazing. Seriously, what else anime needs? I'm disappointed if Nana isn't in my top10 in the end. Now excuse me, i have to watch first episode from another josei masterpiece, Honey&Clover.

Bokura ga Ita 1

There isn't lot of new shoujo coming right now and Bokura ga ita is one of few titles that belong to those so I felt kind of obligated to watch first episode. Animation and character design is probably most discussed topic about this anime. And unfortunately thing for me that prevent fully enjoying Bokura ga ita.

My main complain isn't really main characters since they get the focus and are usually decently done, but more like what happen around them. Background lacks any details and side characters are poorly done, that kills the mood effectively. In the middle of the episode there was few scenes where Nanami had only one eye, have you really that small budget? If first episode is something like this then what about rest, my hopes aren't high. Another thing is very slow pacing. That itself isn't problem, after all I'm addicted to slice of life. But previously mentioned things in animation managed to make it negative since what's first you watch in those? Yeah, backgrounds and any feelings that characters raise will get flattened almost completely.

I complained a lot, but I still have plans to watch more. For how long, I'm not sure.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Coyote Ragtime Show 1

Why didn't anyone tell this is parody show? Because it was quite funny, thank you DMP. =) Yes, they did parody sub and good one too. Lot of references to other shows. I don't have much to say about this, screenshots tell it much better way. Though I have to say that they are funnier in motion. As for Coyote ragtime show, i should take it seriously and not laugh all the time?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mamotte! Lollipop 1

The premise doesn't sound very original, but decided still to watch first episode since even cliched anime can be funny sometimes. Not this one though. The story tells about girl who eat some magical item and suddenly two hot bishounen want to protect her, exciting isn't it? And the cliche list wouldn't be complete without magical...boys. Yes, boys. To be honest that was somewhat unusual, even in mahou shoujo shows that targeted toward girls the ones who use magic are usually females.

I probably didn't sound too enthusiastic and I can't say that I'm. The battles were uninspiring and heroine too much standard stuff. I watch second episode, but with low expectations.