Monday, October 23, 2006

Shibawanko`s Spirit of Tradition 1-2 - Your ultimate anime experience

Who needs Kanon or Death Note when you can watch something like this? Shibawanko's Spirit of Tradition is anime where dog and cat teach Japanese manners and traditions also using real life examples. I can't believe how good it actually was, I downloaded the torrent solely to see what kind of series it's and ended up laughing. Everything that manage to give similar reaction definitely deserve closer look. I may have weird taste, but this was more enjoyable than about 70% shows this season. =)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aria The Natural 15 - Akira the mood breaker

Akari and Akatsuki finally had a chance be lovey-dovey at the excuse of food and then that stupid Akira ruin the mood. Akatsuki, you hesitate too much, just admit you like Akari (No, I definitely don't read the scene too much...).

We see a little story from Akatsuki's past, that scene in the swing was nice. I used to jump from the swing as a kid too so it brought lot of old memories. Ahh, I know too much about life to enjoy things like then, ignorance is truly bliss. Before this post become too cheesy I probably should stop here. Overall nice episode once again, but severe lack of Alicia and Akari was big minus. And one obligatory Alice pic for Impz even though she isn't that cute. =)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bartender 1

Haha, they actually made anime about bartender's profession. =) I was bit skeptical how this will turn out, but apparently quite well. Various shows about work related topics is definitely welcome change to anime world as Hataraki Man also shows. I'm not expert of alcohols so hard to say if the introduction of several drinks was authentic, but it looked like that. Not sure what was authors original intention, but nevertheless I laughed when they used so much time to show detailed scenes about making drinks and related topics with serious tone.

I'm going to watch at least few episodes just to see if this concept stay interesting, kind of refreshing to watch something without cute girls.

Kanon 2

I say the good parts first. The best 3 minutes in each episode are OP and ED, both animation and music in those. If this would be short OVA where Ayu eats different kind of Taiyakis in strong wind and after that run in the snow this would be really good.

Unfortunately there is one small problem which is kind of hard to ignore, the show itself. Things don't develop fast enough and how every girl in the town seem to bump into Kyon isn't that exciting to watch after the first time. He doesn't even have any sarcastic lines, those would save a lot. I don't usually complain about lack of plot, but this time I have to, the cast here isn't enough to keep me not thinking what to do next while waiting the end of episode. Compared to rest of garbage out there for it's genre Kanon isn't too bad, but that's hardly a praise. Overall animation is nice, but I can't see myself watching 24 episodes just because of that.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hataraki man 1 - Workaholics are hilarious

That was definitely funny though there were some serious parts too. I wonder how serious Hataraki Man will be, hopefully they keep the comedy at least partly there because I have slight shortage on those now since Bokura ga Ita, Death Note and probably also Asatte no Houkou already make sure there is enough drama.

At the beginning of season Hataraki Man was probably most well known it's workaholic heroine and I have to say that it managed to show even work as a some kind exciting thing, Hiroko was almost like different person when she entered the working mode. =) I also liked the character designs which isn't too big surprise though. So far Hataraki Man looks good, there will be only 11 episodes so short one this time.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Response to Ayyo's post about the state of dating sims among anime fans

I didn't plan to do post like this since it's kind of obvious, but after reading Ayyo's post about the subject I guess it's ok. Before anyone start screaming out there, yes, some series exist without using same stereotypes as in every genre like KGNE and Air for example, but in this genre I simply dislike the basic content so much that it's not worth my time. Good not-so-successful example from recent seasons is Utaware. In the end all I got was huge disappointment without proper end and my initial decision to skip it was right. Following three reasons in general why I avoid this genre:

1) Point of view. Most shows I watch have female POV and despite being a guy I enjoy that a lot more than watching male one, I have various problems to relate with male lead. And top of that I hate harems so when dating sims combine those two you can't really expect to me like it.

2) Stock characters. Yes, all genres have these, but I happen to find the ones here so loathsome that there isn't really limit to it. Some are annoying, some disgusting and the rest plainly boring.

3) Fanservice. Slightly related to first one, I would rather stab myself with knife than watch how "moe" girls show their panties 13 episodes in the front of male lead and everything's so funny that I almost die, due to boredom. Is it some sort of law every female either have to be loli or own big boobs? And someone please, maids aren't pleasure to see.

There. You can flame me if you want, but I'm not going to change my opinion. If I have to watch several hours crap to find something decent and still expect I have motivation to search good ones you overrate my need to find good anime. There are many genre that have much better ratio with entertaining content so dating sims are lost case. I still haven't decided do I follow Kanon, I'm running low on patience with these things right now.

Btw Ayyo, it's not like I appreciate your opinion either so I guess we are even.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saiunkoku Monogatari - Dropped after too much hesitation to actually do it

When I watch anime where an army of bishies talk like it's their last day things tend to be boring, usually series like that needs tons of SD faces or some sort of emotional attachment which don't happen too often. SaiMono lacks both and to make it worse I'm not fan of Chinese settings. I would rather take modern world used for example in Nana when it comes to stories about independent women. Music also feels too forgettable.

Some good point(s) exist though. Shuurei is great character and I have tried to keep watching SaiMono because of her while waiting that the plot becomes more interesting later. But with not so good results. If I watch this half-heartily without getting much in return it's just pointless waste of time. So yeah, I drop this now.

Asatte no Houkou 1 - Nice surprise

Wow, so they do make non action shows without harem or tsundere. Who would have believed? For some reason I started to think Kamichu after finishing the episode. I don't think those have other similarities than peaceful mood, but I guess that's not really bad thing. As I said the mood was great not to mention art also and I'm interested how they continue the story.

Depending on what direction they choose Asatte no Houkou could be quite good, characters are likeable and there weren't anything annoying. Subs would be nice though as I didn't get everything from raw.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Kamio Misuzu and her addiction to peach juice

No, the recent first episode of Kanon remake didn't make me to post this (Maybe a little...). I have seen about one moe girl in h-game adaptions who actually is moe and she is Kamio Misuzu. Following many reasons why you should think same way:

First of all she has this cute phrase 'Gao', not even 'piko' stretched with several o isn't that amazing to hear.

She loves dinosaurs, who doesn't? I remember being big fan of those too at that age. =)

Peach juice obsession. Though apple juice is also good, but since Misuzu like it I like it too.

She gave a dinosaur shirt to Yukito, he should be proud to be able wear that kind of thing.

I haven't watched Kanon yet, but ED sounded good and I have faith that KyoAni has ability to make good anime from almost anything. They already made the best mecha show ever (FMP!: TSR), Fumoffu and Air so hopefully I can add one more show to that list.

And to finish this post some pics about Potato in action...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Princess Princess 6 - "N-No, my dad is normal!"

Yeah, it's bit late since last episode aired months ago. I'm not sure yet if I do series review, but this particular episode is too awesome not to blog. The main content here concentrate on Sakamoto's family and in their house Tooru and Yuujirou trying to guess which member of family they see. That may not sound exciting, but it's quite hilarious.

I guess I follow the order in episode, first they meet Mother who looks like older sister. I loved their comment about flowers behind her. =)

Next one is younger sister, guesses vary from brother to father. They are surprised by that and soon Sakamoto try to convince (mainly) himself that his father is normal, but end up being uncertain about it.

A little later his older sister knock the door, unfortunately (for Tooru) she wasn't grandma. Only two left and they have narrowed it to males, immortal dad being the last one before the legendary Sakamoto-sama. =)

That was excellent episode, probably the best one in whole series. PriPri deserves way more attention than it has got, most bloggers blogging this are females. Is it strange for guy to think that crossdressing is completely normal?