Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gravitation 1-13 and OVA

Shindou Shuichi wants to be singer. He has band where he sing with his best friend. On way to the fame Shuichi fall in love with famous novelist Yuki Eiri. First love is only one sided, but later neither can't resist it. Finally Shuichi is famous singer and things settle down.

Shounen ai romance show. That alone will get many ran away even without watching single episode. But there is very little nudity, it focus more feelings. Considering this is done 2000 animation is pretty good.

As for every these kind of shows, good music is crucial. And it doesn't fail. They use only one song as main theme, but with 13 episodes it doesn't get repetive yet.

Gravitation feels rushed. You have sad moment and suddenly there is crazy comedy. It makes drama kind of futile. But comedy very well done so i can't complain much.

OVA isn't that good. Only 2 episodes and little different angle to situation. I don't see point watch this anymore if you have seen series.

Rating: 8 of 10

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sambomaster - Utagoe yo Okore PV

I remembered Naruto somehow when i listened this. (yes i have watched that crappy show before). No wonder, they did OP to that series.

I like song (jrock i think) and video is ok.

REC Commercial

15 seconds long promo. Interesting to see what kind of show they make about girl who want to be voice actor. At least character design looks good.

Ichigo Mashimaro

Nobue Itoh (left in the picture), her younger sister Chika and 3 friends. As Aria in the previous post this is too slice of life show, maybe focus more to comedy and characters are cute girls.

It was enjoyable. Some episodes were less funny, but better ones compensated that. OP is very good, ED good.

Overall pretty funny. If you like clever jokes about life in general and light lolicon stuff don't bother you (i know some people who don't like it) watch this.

Rating: 8 of 10


When checking new shows first thing i noticed in the Aria was bunch of very good voice actors. Because of that it became most promising show for fall season. And i wasn't wrong, it was best of the season.

Since Aria is mostly slice of life type there is very little story. Basicly Akari, her cat President Aria and her friends enjoy small things of life and time flies faster than normally.

Strong points of this show are awesome voice actors and music. Those create atmosphere where you relax and fully enjoy what you see. Also comedy is very good.

If you need action, lot of fanservice and strong story this isn't for you. But for others i truly recommend. There is also second season coming soon.*counting days all the time*

Rating:9,5 of 10

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pale cocoon

Some heavy spoilers ahead, don't read if you haven't seen episode.

Humans destroyed earth's nature in the past and later created place to live to the moon. Underground world where devices maintain normal living conditions.

Ura works in the bureau of record excavation and try restore old records. Before there were much more workers, but most of them didn't want to remember sad past anymore and quit. Ura is different, he is almost obsessed to search archives.

One day Ura find something strange, video where woman read old regular book and sing. He get sudden urge to go and see earth with own eyes from the surface of moon. Instead of rusted earth like it was in past, Ura sees blue as sign that planet have recovered from the influence of humans.

I am speechless. Awesome animation, very interesting story, good music. Even if it's scifi it feels so real. Watch this.

Rating: 9

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror 1-2

As title says, Ayakashi is based on Japanese horror tales. Samurais, murders and curses.

Animation style is different from normal. That itself doesn't matter, but show isn't exciting. First episode looked kind of interesting, second felt boring. I think this show lack "final touch". Everything seems to be fine, but feeling is missing.

Music and voice actors are ok, nothing that i remember later.

I am dropping this one, there isn't anything good enough to keep watching.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Speed Grapher 1-8

Eps 1-4:

Story starts when photo journalist, Saiga finds secret club where only rich people are allowed and meets Kagura, goddess there. From her Saiga get secret power, power to kill people with camera. He escape with Kagura, but she get caught by her mother. Later Saiga save her, but more bad guys try to kill him.

Eps 5-8:

Kagura learn ways of normal life. Diamond lady and crazy dentist (don't ask real names, i don't remember) wants Kagura too, but do it without success.

Speed Grapher has interesting story and original one too. Normally heroes use sword or some magic. Using camera is something what i haven't seen before and enemies are pretty freaks too. Talking about freaks, that dentist. I just couldn't watch few scenes in ep 7-8. I can stand lot of blood. But my personal fear with dentists and that character were just too much.

Character design is ok. OP is very good and ED ok.

So far looks great, i hope it stay interesting.

Lemon angel project 2

There is tons of posts about first episode so i skip that.

Tomo and others have audition. Tomo fail to sing properly first, but with second try she succeed and everyone are impressed. Later she receive letter which says that she got
You find longer review here

It seems everyone else hate this show. I know that Tomo's VA isn't best one you can find. But i can tolerate it because rest of the show is good. Music could be better, nothing to complain though. Next episode seems to have fanservice, some photography with bikinis

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The King of Fighters Another Day 1-2

So, anime about game. Whole show is only 4x9min and new episode is aired once month if i remember correctly. That doesn't give much time to develop story and they focus mainly showing fights. Fights are well done and ED is very good.

I haven't played game so i don't know too much about characters. It's very short so you can watch it between your usual shows. Overall great show.

Rating: 7,5 (rating system from 1 to 10)