Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tessa and her unlucky day

Yes, no Chidori. I repeat no Chidori. This day must be great one. That bitch has generated full-fledged hate towards all tsunderes for me and deserves to burn in hell. Her paper fan too once we are at it.

Anyway...This OVA was hilarious, a lot better than i expected. Tessa is main heroine and good one too. Others characters also get screentime. Regarding future i have only one wish, second season of fumoffu and Chidori killed by terrorists in the beginning of season. I don't need anything else.

Maria-sama ga Miteru

Long time ago i searched good shoujo ai series and eventually choice was between Kannazuki no Miko and Maria-sama ga Miteru. I chose KnM because it had less episodes and it turned out to be quite awesome. I had plans to watch this next, but as always it got delayed. So, finally i watched first season. Was it as good as KnM? Not entirely.

Before i continue i have to say few words about similarities between Strawberry panic and Marimite. It's obvious that SP blatantly copied a lot, but did it entertaining way and added twice as much cheesy shoujo ai. Can't really say it's better than original, but is it's own way enjoyable show.

Anyway, back to this anime. First thing that looked quite promising was mood. It's peaceful, use a lot characters's monologue to tell story and is skillfully done. OP and ED were quite decent most of time, it was just after i had finished the series i also started to like those songs more. Character development is good and design similar to shoujo which good thing of course. Slow paced shoujo (ai) based on interesting characters is also pretty much ideal situation for me so I had high expectations.

One would think that Marimite is in my top10 now, but unfortunately not. Way how characters present themselves bug me a bit. More than once i thinked "don't just stand there, say something!" when watching Yumi's emo scenes. Angst is tricky thing to do, it's easy to overdo it and everything look ridiculous. Some series need it, some don't. Required amount vary greatly from series to series, but Marimite is definitely one that needs more angst. Mangaminx also commented this subject at her blog. I have always liked dramatized emotions more. One would argue which is better way, but i guess it's just my personal preference.

I have liked all episodes so far and it isn't boring any way, but without insane comedy or heart breaking drama this is pretty much the limit how good pure slice of life can be. I really would like to see more powerful reactions, this has so much potential to be funny, sad and romantic yet it doesn't fully use any of those attributes. Before that i can only say that Marimite is just good shoujo ai show. I certainly hope that the second season change my opinion.

Rating: 8,5

Friday, May 26, 2006

Aria The Natural 7 - Mysterious kingdom of kitty cats

It's time to change uniform, summer is coming so undines too change appearance. Akari, Aika and Alice have their usual training session, during that time they see President Aria on another boat and decide to follow. Later the path lead into dark canal and they feel it isn't right place for them so they turn back. On next day Akari and Aika are too curious not to check place and Aika lead them to the mysterious canal. On the canal travelers get lost and end up rowing endlessly. Finally President Aria show way out.

This episode concentrate on cats. It was interesting, but i think on Aria scale girl's feelings and interaction between each other is much better topic to handle since it's aspect where Aria really shine. I haven't said much about undine's clothing yet. Each company has different kind of uniforms and color of shapes vary too. It's design is simple, but beautiful and i can't tell how much i appreciate that creators didn't use any tight and fanservice-ish one here.

Preview looks great, it should be fantastic episode about Akari and Akatsuki. There is many scenes i want to see including Akari imitating Alicia. =)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Princess Princess 3

Finally, good shounen ai series. I have to thank this post that i watched first episode, otherwise i would have missed Princess Princess. =)

Premise isn't that great, probably reason why i didn't bother to check at first what kind of show this is. Usual boy school with transfer student, but it was surprisingly funny. Comedy moments resemble shoujo a lot so no surprise i liked it, main theme of the show is also another thing i liked. I don't find cross-dressing disgusting, it's actually each episode's highlight to see what kind of dress they wear.

I don't know what it tells about me when out of all shounen ai shows's during this season i picked one where boys dress like girls. =) Nevertheless, overall Princess Princess is enjoyable anime.