Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello again!

I felt I should say something here even if it's not totally anime related. After all, (I hope) that two of you there are still interested in what I'm doing now.

Okay so, looking this blog now is kind of nostalgic. I don't regret the time I spend with anime, but neverthless, it's over for me. I may watch something now and then, but more than that, no. Political activities got me completely and I have very little time left to use nowadays. I joined a party that is moderate left in scandinavian scale (and sold my soul to them...).

Also my whole life have really surprised me recently. Although temporary, I finally got the job I wanted and love life have shown signs to better. So now there so many more important things around than cartoons and... yeah. I just wanted to say how well I have been doing and thank you all of you again! I wonder how many times I have said this already.

(I didn't find anything good anime picture so Karl Marx will do.)