Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gravitation 1-13 and OVA

Shindou Shuichi wants to be singer. He has band where he sing with his best friend. On way to the fame Shuichi fall in love with famous novelist Yuki Eiri. First love is only one sided, but later neither can't resist it. Finally Shuichi is famous singer and things settle down.

Shounen ai romance show. That alone will get many ran away even without watching single episode. But there is very little nudity, it focus more feelings. Considering this is done 2000 animation is pretty good.

As for every these kind of shows, good music is crucial. And it doesn't fail. They use only one song as main theme, but with 13 episodes it doesn't get repetive yet.

Gravitation feels rushed. You have sad moment and suddenly there is crazy comedy. It makes drama kind of futile. But comedy very well done so i can't complain much.

OVA isn't that good. Only 2 episodes and little different angle to situation. I don't see point watch this anymore if you have seen series.

Rating: 8 of 10


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