Friday, February 10, 2006

Binchou-tan 2

Binchou-tan starts day as usual, opening window, dressing up and taking some water. After that she leave to the town working to get some rice. Some parts of the job are rather odd, such as being inside of shoe or refrigerator... Later in the evening she visit in the toy store and buy cute panties. At the home Binchou-tan make dinner and then go to sleeping. She have odd dream which include frogs, tons of rice bags and other weird things.

After seeing second episode i don't think kids are target audience, i mean how many times main female character buy panties those... Nevertheless, Binchou-tan is enjoyable show. It focus showing her miserable life and filling viewers with cuteness. Also do that very well and don't try to be something else.

VAs on other hand, i can't think of better choice than Inoue Kikuko as
narrator. Nonaka Ai as Binchou-tan does also good job. Music isn't something mind blowing, but fit with atmosphere.

If you like even bit cute things this is must watch. As slice of life show this is also perfect replacement while waiting Aria's second season.


Anonymous Alper from Ankara said...

Evidently Binchotan personifies, and is named after, a kind of high-grade charcoal. A kind of charcoal so pure that it's supposed to act like a filter when you drop a piece of it into water, rice etc. The Japanese say that binchotan can remove the taste of chlorine from tap water, soak unpleasant smells from the air and make rice taste better.

6:58 PM  

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