Thursday, March 23, 2006

Winter 2005/2006

New season begins soon so here is summary what happened and what not at winter season.

I had hunch that this season wouldn't be too great. REC was only one i looked forward and that too turned out to be just decent comedy. What i watched quality of comedy varied from decent to great. Binchou-tan offered pity fueled funny moments, Kashimashi through gender roles in modern society and Lemon angel project general craziness. But still didn't have that ultimate comedy experience like previous seasons had, Aria (Fall), Pani poni dash (Summer) or H&C (Spring).

There were two long waited action shows, Fate/stay night and Ergo proxy. As expected i didn't like neither, harem shows adapted from h-game is one thing i avoid if possible and dark scifi isn't my favourite. Shana on other hand, while middle of the series had some boring moments picked up in later half showing great character development.

Drama genre was underplayed, but Hantsuki came out of nowhere. I saw trailer just few days before airing. I was sold by just watching first episode, it turned out to be best series of the season. Noein maintained it's story focused pace and stayed if not most awesome series, but at least with little different point of view from mainstream.

OVA category hadn't that much traffic. King of Fighters was decent and very short action oriented show. Wings of rean only has one episode aired at the moment, but seem to be fast paced action as well.

Music, season without KOTOKO's songs isn't season. Although Being isn't her greatest works it's still KOTOKO. Also one series based on pop idols which's song Angel addict literally addicted me to watch LAP. Overall almost every show i watched had great music, can't complain that aspect.


Anonymous tj han86 said...

Why don't you watch Rescue Wings then? It outclasses the rest of the shows in this season.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Downloading that right now. At time Rescue wings aired i had lot of animes to watch and judging was harsh so i guess it's fair to give second chance now.

9:55 PM  

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