Monday, February 20, 2006

Rock singers, undines and goddesses

Finally checked properly what kind of shows spring season has.

1) Nana: This one looks very promising. As very good Paradise kiss, Nana is also based on manga created by Yazawa Ai. Art looks gorgeous. If this isn't good then there is something seriously wrong with this world.

2) Aria 2nd season: Aria was best of it's season and i expect nothing less from this. Peaceful atmosphere and music that makes you wish you would live in the Neo Venezia.

3) Ah! My Goddess 2nd season: AMG is interesting case. Manga's story doesn't go anywhere and isn't really my type of show. But Inoue Kikuko and Hisakawa Aya changed doomed to be boring series to decent. Two OVA episodes looked good. We will see if they can maintain same level with the 2nd season.

Shows that could be good:

1) Ohran Koko Host Club: Genres looks good even though school life isn't exactly my thing. If they don't ruin anything badly will watch.

2) The Third: Shakugan no Shana clone with scifi?

3) Ju Oh Sei: Something serious, hopefully good.

4) Shinigami no Ballad: Gentle and cute shinigami, could be funny.

I try to watch first episode of all series, but probably only follow 6-9.


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