Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rescue Wings 7

Some time ago when i watched first episode it was boring and didn't bother to watch more. After post on Riuva and some comments too
i decided to give it another chance. And well, general impression didn't change that much. I think main problem is randomness of characters i should feel sorry or sad. This may sound cold and little weird too coming from drama lover. But i care at least ten times more when character i know have sad moments if comparing to some random victim of earthquake i have known 5 minutes.

Rescue wings isn't complete failure, will watch rest of series too. But lack of emotions is something that drama anime can't fix no matter how original it is or done properly otherwise. At the moment this strongly belong to category 'ok' and probably stay there too.


Anonymous tj han said...


Too bad that RW wasn't your type of show, at least you gave it a try. I actually prefer drama anime to real drama, because anime characters have perfect acting since they are the characters themselves and real actors are just pretending to be the characters.

2:01 PM  

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