Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aria The Natural 1

I think smile just froze to my face. I haven't laughed this much since end of the first season. Whole cast seems to be lovely as always, now there is Ai too. I really hope that she is regular character now on.

Warm and fuzzy feeling Aria give, i haven't found anywhere else at least not this strongly. It really melt even most cold hearted persons. I can't praise enough voice acting, whole range of types amazingly acted. Alicia enjoy everything that she does, Akari is airhead who is always goofing around and is often sentimental when commenting her own feelings, Aika with hillarious "Embarrassing lines aren't allowed!" comment. Just to name few. Whole cast is heart, brains and body of this series, full of different personalities.

Then there is music. Yui Makino and Round table have made perfect songs for this. Peaceful ones, exactly what series is. At this point if you try to find negative things about Aria you have come to wrong place. This is perfect or "anime of the year" if you are fanboy enough to know meaning of that from certain series.


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