Friday, March 31, 2006

Feelings before start of new season

Bunch of different promos are available now so little summary what i think:

Bakegyamon: New version of pokemon?

Kiba: Looks like another generic show. I probably watch first episode but i doubt i like it.

Strawberry panic: If authors don't add too much fanservice maybe it's good.

School Rumble 2: Hard to say, could be funny.

Aria the natural: Yay! I already like new song so much and looks exactly same as first season. Gorgeous.

.hack//roots: Character design looks great, hopefully good.

Glass no kantai: Hmm, scifi. I give it a chance.

High school girls: Definitely don't watch. I already got enough panty shots for whole life during that 9 minutes long clip.

Soul link: Can't say i am excited. Once again first episode tell is it crap or just boring.

Now this damn flu could also go away, doesn't exactly make general feeling great.


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