Monday, March 27, 2006

Shopping course

Checked out bookstore today, it has been some time since last adventure. And everytime i go to there my wallet is almost empty after coming out. This time i used 69€. List what i bought:

- Oh my goddess 22. More Belldandy, you can't get enough of her. (that sounded pervert didn't it?)

- Fruits basket 2. Cute shoujo series.

- Nana 1. Shoujo from Ai Yazawa, hopefully good.

- Someday's dreamers 1. Girl who have dream to fulfill wishes with magic.

- Death note 3. Psycho trying to clean the world from criminals. Pure evilness in form of normal student.

- Anne Freaks 1. Another psycho, this time killing people with own hands.

And i guess i should write Shakugan no Shana review since i watched last episode yesterday. But there is already at least 58 posts written around blogs so i just do super mini version.

+ All characters expect...

- Marjorie "Let's show boobs" Doe
- Predictable and little boring story

Rating: 8+


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