Saturday, April 01, 2006

Anne Freaks 1 (manga)

I have to say reading Anne freaks was weird experience. Story is rather dark, including killing of own parents and torturing other people (art only show bloody scissors, but you get the idea). And all of sudden there is funny faces what i have used to see in shoujo. Weird, but works very well.

There are 3 main characters so far. Anna, girl without conscience and hesitation kills people, yet still smiles a lot and likes kids. Yuri who had problems to bury his mother's dead body and Anna helped him so police didn't catch him. Also has raising romantic interest towards Anna. Mitsuba is last person of our team that fight against terrorist group. He is still too newbie when it comes to killing and just like Yuri try to save innocent lives if possible.

Overall, i like Anne freaks a lot. It's bloody, funny and same time covers serious issues between parents and childs.

Rating: 8,5


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