Friday, April 14, 2006

Starship Operators 1

I started watching this solely because of KOTOKO and first episode wasn't that bad. Story tells about group of students who buy spaceship to fight against hostile nation because their own nation surrendered and they want to continue fighting.

Starship operators isn't type of show i usually watch, but it has managed to avoid mechas and show things from little different angle so i am willing to give it a chance. Both OP and ED are also great so there is no reason why i wouldn't.


Anonymous Stripey said...

I caught this after Ender's (1/3 of Seaslug's team) review. I must say I enjoyed the space battles and the strong ending but the supposedly poignant moments fell totally with me since I found it hard to engage the characters.

Nevertheless overall, it's an enjoyable ride. Hope you would find it so too. :)

8:47 PM  
Blogger Mentar said...

I'm obviously biased, but I strongly recommend SSO to anyone looking for an unusual and interesting storyline :)

Besides, it has some really high production values too...

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Mohammad said...

Rest assured. There are no mecha in this show and the story is superior to most science fiction shows out there (anime or otherwise).

11:41 AM  

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