Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nana 1

Looks like my expectations about spring shows hit exactly the spot. First episode of Nana was pure awesomeness from the beginning to the last second. This season will be fantastic.

Firstly, character design is very similar as in Paradise kiss except much more detailed and better looking. And top of that animation is high quality so visual aspect couldn't be better any way. It's amazing how shoujo has capable of moving between comedy and drama so flawlessly, i guess that's reason why i like it so much. I seriously don't know how Nana do it, but there was so many hilarious pure comedy scenes and within seconds serious moment that was there felt exactly like drama.

OP is gorgeous,
i already love it and animation promise great potential of drama. Seriously, i still don't believe what i saw. If Nana will mix awesome drama, comedy, story, animation and jrock i am gonna cry just because this exist. That's series i have waited since i started watching anime. I don't think i have to say how good ED is, you know it already.

If authors don't screw up something very badly which i doubt Nana will be best series of the season.


Anonymous daRAT said...

Hell yeah! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Enuff so I just bought the first two volumes of the manga :)

Art, writing, pacing, all work out great.


2:34 AM  

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