Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kashimashi Girl meets Girl

Yasuna FTW! I just had to say that at first. If tomboy and lesbian fall in love to the ex-boy what we get? Excellent shoujo ai series of course. =)

Anyway, i don't think i have seen so much jokes and analysis related to sexuality in same series for a while. Our main trio for example. Hazumu is feminine boy who turned into girl because of alien. First she was confused what to do, but eventually accepted that changing back to the male is impossible. Like that things would be just fine, but raising love triangle between her two best friends made it more complicated. Before turning into girl Hazumu had confessed to the Yasuna that he loves her. Yasuna rejected him and as it later turned out reason was her inability to see only grey when looking males.

I have to say i am impressed how well Kashimashi developed relationship between Hazumu, Yasuna and Tomari. I expected rather lighthearted comedy as it was in the beginning of the series. Later half was much more serious and showed some bittersweet feelings girls had. Yasuna's struggle against her illness was sad to watch. It's good she has at least dog so she isn't completely lonely. I didn't like Tomari as much as Yasuna, but she played her part very well.

Series also commented some preferences of love life. In episode 10 when Tomari hear that other girls talked about first kiss and they noticed how she remembered her own experience. After that they said how Tomari used to like Hazumu, but since she is girl now it's not possible for them to be lovers. Gay and lesbian relationships in real life have been quite topic lately in some countries and way topic is handled here is little different from normal in anime.

It has been while since i saw this good side characters, they are all very funny and do exactly what they should in the story. Two aliens who's mission is to study love through Hazumu. Older one is guy who shows quite amount of skin if comparing to non shounen ai male character and other one is cute little girl. She has amazing VA btw. Then there is hilarious teacher who introduces herself (with happy voice) better than i ever could: "I, Tsuki Namiko, without a boyfriend for 35 years since the day i was born...". There is also some guy called Asuta, but he isn't worth of description. Just random dude who accidentaly added to the cast.

Overall Kashimashi is series that shine because of refreshing and each other reinforcing characters. Main trio succeed wonderfully with all angst and drama, side characters give comic relief. That balance nicely the mood. Music is great stuff that fit to the series, especially ED. Overall this was pretty enjoyable anime, i probably watch it again later.

Rating: 8,5


Blogger Animus Foetus said...

You need to read manga Kashimashi's too, really good in my opinion

^_^ Volume 4, chapter 24 is out..
An Xabin gave us Kashimashi 12
This is a nice day

10:07 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Few chapters i read, it seems to be whole different story and interesting one too. But since i have habits to read most manga from hardcopy that probably take some time get all books.

9:58 AM  

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