Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring 2006

Watching anime can be tiring sometimes. First week of the April was quite hectic, but in the end it was surprinsingly easy to pick good ones. Maybe i am picky, but those 7 series i chose i most likely also finish. I hate wasting time with some so-so series and drop in the halfway only to notice i used hours from my life to the useless. I did that before and almost stopped watching anime altogether.

If/when someone sub Saiunkoku monogatari i probably give it proper look. Unlike Futago and Kirarin that have fairly easy japanese, subject alone is so hard that there isn't point to watch it without subs.

I have written review about all shows i intend to watch so just general thoughts. Aria the natural was sequel i waited long time and every bit of it still is godlike. I am not sure if next season can offer anything like that. Nana is equally awesome. I haven't seen movie or read manga so that i can fully enjoy it without thinking all the time how that and that was done differently in the manga.

Along the Nana, Futago and Kirarin finally gave good cute shoujo. I didn't find Ouran host club funny, particularly those twins. Usual shoujo ai fix come from Strawberry panic. Teaching of the story is that if someone denieds your need to kiss every student working moral suffer!

.hack//roots is bit different from others. Story looks interesting, only story oriented series i have liked so far and music is good so i don't see reasons why it wouldn't be good. Ah! my goddess isn't that great as series, but Belldandy (and partly Skuld) has saved it more than once. Semi-interesting anime probably to the end of the world.


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