Saturday, April 22, 2006

Starship Operators

Group of cadets from defense university find themselves from the war and their nation surrender without fighting. They have technology advanced spaceship so they decide to buy that with help of galactic news network to fight on their own. In the way Amaterasu have several problems finding place to supply ship as Kingdom have labeled them pirates and terrorists. Producer of the network also make requests how they should fight and sometimes those are hard to fit with battle plan.

Speaking of battles, execution works wonderfully. At least 80% of time is used to plan everything properly and all action is tight packed. Even if Amaterasu is powerful comparing to the others spaceships it isn't completely unbeatable. Firing range and accuracy varied depending which weapon is used and SSO also considered that during battles so no "i launch 15 missiles right now because it looks cool without caring if those even have chance to hit the enemy".

Story is the strongest point of the series. It managed to give meaning why characters do something and was quite interesting too. Spaceship that they used reminded me a lot Mirai from Zipang. Technology advanced and sailing alone without knowing who are friends or foes.

As Amaterasu faced enemies crew also suffered casualties. I am glad they didn't do same as Saikano. It dragged on forever how sad it is and that was only irritating. Perfect example is when Sinon's boyfriend died in combat and it was pretty sad moment. But she didn't sorrow that rest of the series, drama works best when it's packed to the small and tight packet.

Music department don't fail as Kawada Mami's and KOTOKO's songs are brilliant. Overall Starship Operators is one of best scifi animes i have seen and everyone who like story oriented scifi and drama should watch it.

Rating: 8,5


Blogger Mentar said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) ... SSO definitely rates among my top list of Sci-fi anime aswell.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Yeah, it would have been hard not to enjoy it. =)

Just noticed that i have finished now 3 animes that have space battles. So you can probably add some to the grade if you aren't space hater like me. =)

11:32 PM  

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