Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aria The Natural 3

Akari, Aika and Alice meet Al so they decide to eat in the restaurant and after that Aika asks if Al wants to go to the date with her...i mean asks if they could watch meteor shower together at the night.

Aika clearly likes Al. =) That was my favourite scene from volume 2 so i glad they included it. That felt almost like confession from Aika when she told her feelings to the Al while they romantically watched meteor shower without anyone else there. Way to go Aika. =) President Aria on other hand didn't have that much luck with his loved one.

I could watch Aria forever. That will be sad day when they air final episode of the Aria. I finally found series that can maintain it's awesomeness regardless how many episodes there is and it's shame if second season is only 13 episodes.


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