Friday, May 26, 2006

Aria The Natural 7 - Mysterious kingdom of kitty cats

It's time to change uniform, summer is coming so undines too change appearance. Akari, Aika and Alice have their usual training session, during that time they see President Aria on another boat and decide to follow. Later the path lead into dark canal and they feel it isn't right place for them so they turn back. On next day Akari and Aika are too curious not to check place and Aika lead them to the mysterious canal. On the canal travelers get lost and end up rowing endlessly. Finally President Aria show way out.

This episode concentrate on cats. It was interesting, but i think on Aria scale girl's feelings and interaction between each other is much better topic to handle since it's aspect where Aria really shine. I haven't said much about undine's clothing yet. Each company has different kind of uniforms and color of shapes vary too. It's design is simple, but beautiful and i can't tell how much i appreciate that creators didn't use any tight and fanservice-ish one here.

Preview looks great, it should be fantastic episode about Akari and Akatsuki. There is many scenes i want to see including Akari imitating Alicia. =)


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