Monday, May 01, 2006

Aria the Natural 4 - That Neo-Venezia Coloured Heart...

Postman has problems with his boat so Akari helps delivering letters. They also meet boy who has letter to the bride that just had weddings. But because it takes day to send letter Akari and postman decide to deliver it personally.

One reason why i like Aria so much is it's episodic nature. I can forget everything, enjoy episode and then continue doing other things. Rewatch value is also very high since there is no story to spoil, in fact i have already forgotten at least half what happened in the first season. I guess i didn't even try to remember, this is entertainment that requires zero brain activity.

BTW pigtails that Akari has are quite cute, no wonder Akatsuki likes to tease her because of those. =)


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