Saturday, May 13, 2006

Upcoming hiatus?

Reason to the hiatus come from outside this blog, my civilian service begins on next Monday. Most of you probably don't system here so little explanation.There is 5 weeks long education in different city and 12 months working in any non-profit organization located in the home city. And all weekends should be free so basically it's normal work with small repayment (3,60€ per day).

I don't have yet any place to go after the education part so it's unclear what i do. Unless i get some sort of place i have to be there all weekdays and
catching up episodes probably take biggest part from my free time during weekends. So anything from 5 weeks to 13 months concerning duration of the hiatus is possible right now.

Also some my thoughts generally. I started this blog partly because i wanted to learn better English and i think after 4 months of blogging my writing style
is bit more natural although far from perfect. At the beginning i also still searched what kind of blog i should make, but now it's more defined.

Some statistics from time range 1st April - this day:

- top 5 posts:

Haruhi 1 450 hits

Dai mahou touge 1-2 383 hits

.hack//roots 1 369 hits

Haruhi 3 346 hits

Kirarin revolution 1 291 hits

- most search terms are quite boring, but there are few worth to mention.

"brain+in+pigtails+anime" I talked how Aria isn't exactly anime where you have to think and in next post about Akari's pigtails.

"kotoko+strawberry+op" I really wish this would be true.

Everyone who have read and commented my posts, thank you. Particularly Hashihime and Mohammad. It's always nice to notice that someone read posts.

This isn't goodbye (at least not yet), there are computers so i might still comment other blogs and if i find time to write something during weekends. But
just in case, remember to listen KOTOKO and watch Aria. =)


Blogger Mangaminx said...

Good luck with the future Anga! Hope everything goes well for you in the upcoming weeks and months.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Thanks, I hope so too. My short visit in the army wasn't that great, my physical fitness couldn't be worse so this whole thing keeps haunting me. Can't really decide yet what to do with my future.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

Good to see that at least someone is talking about Dai Mahou Touge.. of course I have no idea what you actually said about it :P

4:47 AM  
Blogger Anga said...

Heh, not much. =)

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Mohammad said...

Always glad to be of help. I wish you the best of luck with your civilian service. I actually have some distant relatives who are living and working in Finland. It took them a while to get used to the place but now they are enjoying it alot.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Anga said...

Thanks. I can imagine it can be little culture shock, some things are handled quite unique way (in good and bad) here.

9:31 PM  

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