Sunday, June 04, 2006

Aria The Natural 8 - Festa del bocolo

Summer is here and whole city floods. It's time for another seasonal event, The Festa del bocolo is a tradition where man gives a rose to woman he loves. Akatsuki doesn't want to give just one, several baskets actually. Practicing with fake Alicia (Akari) is already nervous experience for him and as expected in real situation he screw up, Alicia thinks that all roses are for Akari and leave those two. Nice misunderstanding. =) Aika too have chance to blush when Al gives her a crystal ore.

Alicia must be wanted person. Akatsuki and Aika both have unrequited crush towards her, but she just act like nothing happened. Maybe after realizing that each still have Akari and Al they should notice. =)

Screenshots include lot of blushing. =)


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