Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nana 11- Hachi's awesomeness in the nutshell

Hachi can so lovely sometimes. There have been complaining how annoying she is, but I like her very much. She is total airhead and perfect character for my taste. Summer season has been almost complete failure in comedy section so far that I almost lost fate to find anything funny, compared to that Hachi is so hilarious that it should illegal.

And to make Nana best show running right now, Oosaki is just queen of the drama. All serious scenes that she has are nicely done and top of that both OP and ED continue to be amazing. Seriously, what else anime needs? I'm disappointed if Nana isn't in my top10 in the end. Now excuse me, i have to watch first episode from another josei masterpiece, Honey&Clover.


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