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Honey & Clover II - disappointing

I shouldn't never write what I fear most. Even if this was the best series in it's season I can't avoid the fact it wasn't everything I expected. H&C is exceptional anime in many ways and after seeing the sequel I would have prefer not to see it at all, the end of first season was good even without conclusive wrap-up.

My main complain is heavy emphasis on "I love you Hagu!"-arc, I always thought her as a kind of daughter to Shuuji so that felt absurd to watch. More screentime in the end to Rika-Mayama-
Yamada love triangle would have been much better as latter two were my favourite characters in H&C.

Last episode was nice with all the melancholy goodbyes and softened up my last impression a bit. But still, the first season was Awesome, this one only excellent.

Rating: 9


Anonymous Bravejaf said...

I can agree with you on most points. I too didn't like the Hagu/Shuuji part of the show. I also questioned the need for a second season around episode 10 or 11 but 12 changed my opinion a lot. After that episode I was glad the season was made, even if it was not as good as season 1.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Naddie said...

Personally Mayama and Rika weren't exactly my favourite characters (I can tolerate the characters, but just barely), so I was glad they decided to focus on Hagu. Besides it was inevitable for the love triangle between the three students (love square if you count Shuuji, which I'm a bit freaked out at, but I don't see Hagu returning Shuuji's feelings at all), since it was never addressed in the first season. I'm content with the second season, and I too was glad it was made :) Just my 2 cents.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Shirukii said...

I agree that, overall, the first season was superior to the second. I didn't like the Hagu arc when it first began, but it kinda grew on me, and now she's my fav char in the series. I do think the whole thing with Shuu-chan falling in love with her was very awkward. I think that the second season did an excellent job at finishing what the fist started (with the exception of Yamada, whose relationships are still up in the air). It's going to be hard trying to find a replacement to such an amazing show =(

12:08 AM  
Blogger Anga said...

Yeah, sadly Yamada didn't get that much closure. I'm going to continue fanboying Nana after this, perfect replacement to fill josei drama spot. =)

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Haesslich said...

Actually, the Shuuji thing was more a platonic/father thing, from what I recall... although the blush just looked WEIRD, no matter how you went about it. Especially given how Hagu was watching Morita, you don't get the impression that Shuuji's a romantic choice, not after that look she gave the television.

This season did up the drama quite a bit... and in doing so, followed the manga, which meant it became slightly 'slice of life' and more 'how things end' in terms of the story types that came up. What it DID do was give Nomiya more development, as well as show that people do eventually move on - relationships and friendships drift, people change, accidents happen and life generally tends to suck... which makes the memories of the good times all the more precious, which is the subject of Takemoto's final monologue.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Anga said...

The way Shuuji blushed definitely looked like he loves her in romantic way, I wonder why they exaggerated so much if that's not the case.

Maybe I missed those slow slice of life episodes where nothing really happened, those felt like...real life without too much drama. That's not bad thing either, but first one just worked better.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

I think between Shuu and Hagu it's more of a platonic love. I mean, one not based on physical attraction. And I seriously doubt he's just going to do a 180 on how he behaves around her. Go back and rewatch H&C. It's clear from beginning to end he loves her. Everyone watching just assumes it was like a daughter. But Rika and Mayama are roughly the same distance apart in age, and yet no-one bats and eye at their eventual relationship (I was cheering!). Shuu and Hagu completely took me by surprise, but it makes sense really. He constantly focused on her, and when she asks for his life, it's like asking for someone to support you out of love. I honestly think things between him and Hagu would continue as they had been before.

Not to mention, being a platonic love, he may simply never tell her the depth of the feelings he has for her. As when the series ended, she still didn't know.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Anga said...

Maybe it would have made sense with Shuu and Hagu, but when the story moved to Morita and Takemoto trying to get Hagu too some of that seriousness and quality wasn't there anymore. Because of that it felt like competition where 3 guys try to get the girl.

1:59 PM  
Blogger jOLiciOus said...

yah, H&C seasOn 2 is really sad and disappOinting.. i aLways wished that mayama and yamada wOuld end up tOgether.. i dOnt like rikka fOr yamada, same tO nayOmi for yamada..
i wish that there will be seasOn 3 sOon.. im really LOOking foRward tO that!! i Loooove yamada!!

5:24 AM  
Blogger kzwkRain said...

H&C season 2 is disappointing for me. H&C season 1 is great. At first I'm not sure what's going on as I thought there is only 1 main character, Morita. Yamada likes Mayama, Takemoto likes Hanamoto. Our MC(Morita) will be the one patching them up. However, after episode 5, I realize there are 5 main characters in this series. The story is good (but I still think that Hanamoto is extra). Mayama has unrequited love with Rika, Yamada has unrequited love with Mayama, Takemoto has unrequited love with Hanamoto, Hanamoto has unrequited love with Morita, and our Morita is still trolling and observing by the side. There are many scenes where Morita and Yamada that hints us that they will be couples.

1) Yamada dropped some leaves onto Morita as he was lying down on the grass patch, and warned him that he might caught a cold.
2) Morita has many scenes where he teased Yamada and gave her advises.

So many hints, so many hints!!! But then that fucker came and ruined the show. Nomiya was it? And his sister!! He just came out of nowhere and they became together? Morita loves that 18 year old loli? Stop giving me that crap man. It felt so forced!! *Needs to calm down...*

... Like seriously man... Why did the author do this? Simple... "Drama". Think about it, if Morita and Yamada are together, will there be drama for the I-Love-Loli Arc? No, there won't. Maybe it's only Shuu & Takemoto fighting over the loli, but will that be interesting to watch? I doubt so. That's why the author added the new character, Nomiya to be together with Yamada so that Morita can get involve in the I-Love-Loli Arc.

That's why I felt very disappointed with this series. Since I confirmed that Nomiya and Yamada will surely be together, I dropped it around H&C season 2 episode 5 and went on to read the spoilers to get it over quickly. I made it this far but I can't bear watching it anymore. It felt forceful, and I'm disgusted at how Nomiya approached Yamada. That's why I dropped it. This is the first time I wanted to sink a ship... But it can't be help. The only characters I'm attached to for this series are Morita and Yamada. The others? Nah, not that much.

4:19 PM  

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