Thursday, October 05, 2006

Princess Princess 6 - "N-No, my dad is normal!"

Yeah, it's bit late since last episode aired months ago. I'm not sure yet if I do series review, but this particular episode is too awesome not to blog. The main content here concentrate on Sakamoto's family and in their house Tooru and Yuujirou trying to guess which member of family they see. That may not sound exciting, but it's quite hilarious.

I guess I follow the order in episode, first they meet Mother who looks like older sister. I loved their comment about flowers behind her. =)

Next one is younger sister, guesses vary from brother to father. They are surprised by that and soon Sakamoto try to convince (mainly) himself that his father is normal, but end up being uncertain about it.

A little later his older sister knock the door, unfortunately (for Tooru) she wasn't grandma. Only two left and they have narrowed it to males, immortal dad being the last one before the legendary Sakamoto-sama. =)

That was excellent episode, probably the best one in whole series. PriPri deserves way more attention than it has got, most bloggers blogging this are females. Is it strange for guy to think that crossdressing is completely normal?


Anonymous Dop said...

I enjoyed PriPri. It was good fun. Crossdressing = comedy genius!
While that is a great episode, you have to go a long way to beat Mikoto with a bucket on his head (ep. 7).

2:15 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Well, that was funny too. =)

Hmm, I wonder why I wrote Mother with capital letters and rest that kind of words with small letters...

5:07 PM  

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