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Anime year 2006: The revolution of Nana and why Undines are awesome

Every anime blog certainly needs mandatory yearly summary and well, not so surprisingly I wrote one too. I planned to use more pictures at first, but then it would have been rather slow to load with slower connection so unfortunately there won't be twenty pics about Akari. Only five.


It seems spring season was major success for me even more on music-wise than with anime, 7 out of 10 songs are from there. Not much to say here, Olivia seriously kicks ass.

10. Chatmonchy - Shangri-la (Hataraki-man, ED): Oddly addictive song.

9. Chiaki Ishikawa - Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii (Simoun, OP)

8. Round Table feat. Nina - NatsuMachi (Aria The Natural ED): Loses the enjoyment somewhat without animation, but still drowsy and peaceful song.

7. FictionJunction Yuuka - Silly-Go-Round (.hack//roots, OP): Fitted with anime perfectly and also saved lot of scenes turning into boredom.

6. Yuki - Fugainaiya (H&C II, OP): Not really her best works, but nevertheless Yuki is excellent singer.

5. Madoromi no Rinne (Utawarerumono, ED) That sucky Utaware doesn't deserve this ED.

4. Anna - Rose (Nana OP): These outstanding opening songs have been major help when watching the show. It's just so easy let you be absorbed into life of Nanas through music that's it's almost scary.

3. Savage Genius - Inori no Uta (Simoun, ED): The anime wasn't really meant for me, but I have listened this song a lot. Then again it's Savage Genius so kind of expected.

2. Olivia - Wish (Nana, 2nd OP): Whoever decided to use Olivia for opening/ending songs was genius, I had no problems to choose two best position for the list.

1. Olivia - A little pain (Nana, ED): This's one of saddest anime songs I have heard. Certainly not less so because of godly content found in the anime though I wonder which way it is, music is awesome thanks to anime or anime because of music? Maybe both.


There isn't full ten because I didn't want to add three more just sake of it when these seven are only ones that deserve to be mentioned here anyway. As for the list, if someone has similar one as mine I'm truly amazed... no Kanon, neither Haruhi or even Simoun. And top of that two shows only small percentage of bloggers watched in first place. But like I have said I tend to like different things than majority. =)

7. Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl - Shoujo ai

Everyone who think good plot is necessary for good anime should definitely watch Kashimashi. =) It's strength is how rather than what happens. Great characters and especially awesome side characters and not only because of yuri, they really are hilarious. (Expect Asuta, I hate him)

6. Princess Princess - Shoujo

Spring season had lot of great shows and this was one of them. If you thought normal bishies are feminine PriPri takes it even further and use crossdressing nicely as a part of plot. There isn't really anything revolutionary, but the execution works so in the end it's well worth the time. I don't know about others, but for me these kind of things are damn hilarious when done right (Otoboku sucks and you know it).

At this point I'm not sure PriPri if would last second season, but with 12 episodes it's great gender blending shoujo although rather forgettable.

5. Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - Drama

It's almost year when I saw this and I don't have files anymore so just read the original review if you want to, good drama.

4. Fushigi Hoshi No Futago Hime Gyu - (Mahou) shoujo

One word would be enough to describe this cheerful adventure and that's cute. But it would be rather short review so I probably need to write little more. When Aria's subs started to stall I soon noticed that weekly Futago Hime Gyu fix was great substitute for it as a stress reliever I could watch without caring do I remember recent plot or not.

Those kind of shows have taken bigger part in my anime consuming little by little since it's much easier to watch those and too much drama get tedious anyway. This's great example what light hearted shows should do and it's really shame that subs never appeared, but I guess that's what we get when little girls aren't exactly the most active group within the fansubbing scene...

3. Honey & Clover II - Slice of life, drama

The other hyped josei series for this year and sadly I have to say it wasn't all that amazing, the focus was way too much on Hagu making my interest rather thin. Once again great example why some shows should be left alone without sequel, sometimes I feel like I rated second season this high only because of achievements of first season.

2. Aria The Natural - Slice of life

Before anything else there is one thing I really admire in Aria and that's it's ability to make me smile. I'm not sure if I have seen any other anime where I feel so relieved and happy after the episode, maybe I don't ever see in the future either. It's not so much that jokes are particularly clever, but the mood simply hypnotize you and keep your mind in the Venice wishing the dream never end. And this must be only series where feeling sleepy isn't bad thing at all. =)

Only negative aspect I can think of is lack of any durability in marathon, overdose of cheesiness will surely get you sooner or later. But all in all if one watch Aria accordingly to it's episodic nature everything is fine, quite special series.

1. Nana - Slice of life, drama

Probably the most anticipated show for me in 2006 and fortunately it was as awesome as expected, simply perfect adaption. I tried to think something bad about Nana, but without success. It's almost like they asked what kind of anime I would like to see and made that; It can be extremely funny and sad, pretty much anything it wants to be. There is only few series with ability like that, only one other actually. Without any real competition this's the best anime I have seen and I'm confident enough to say that even if there still is 20 episodes left.


Anonymous Hinano said...

I personally thought the Utaware OP was better than the ending.

As far as PriPri it definitely kicks the ass outta least in the PriPri we could still distinguish between man and trap.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous minikui said...

I think it was Ai Yazawa, who wanted Olivia to sing for the anime (Olivia hadn't done any new music before that during 2 years), and probably Reira's character design is based on her a bit ^^

Apart from that, you got a great taste in music (all of these songs are in my playlist as well) =P
I completely agree with what you said about madoromi no rinne as well XD

9:35 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Hinano: Yeah, it's not really a trap anymore when she doesn't even have any characteristics of male body...

minikui: Hmm, that explain everything. Ai Yazawa is genius as far as I can tell. =)

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Os said...

I'm actually pretty surpised when I found myself just listening to those two Olivia songs on repeat. Usually I'm not a fan of slow songs like A little pain, but it really stuck.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous kittyfo(again!) said...

i agree ....PuriPuri should have been alittle better than that. I'm sure the manga was awesome.If your girlfriend likes guys dressing like girls then showing her PrincessPrincess may be the "cure", imao! I actaully love HoneyNClover and feel a certian affintity for Hagu ( i am also a chibi who is easily mistaken for a loli).

12:49 AM  
Blogger Sakura said...

why do you hate Asuta? He's one of the better characters!!

6:01 AM  

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