Monday, December 25, 2006

My life before and after anime

When you introduce yourself to new culture more than often it changes your personality. Depending on your dedication it may not last long time, but with strong love towards medium like anime that possibility is unlikely. Before my first proper touch to anime few years ago I was pretty much your usual boy who likes action, explosions and everything emotional was stupid. And then I saw this treacherous entertainment called anime. =)

If you have read this blog you know how previous statement sounds completely opposite of what I'm nowadays and it amazes even myself. It's arguable if everything simply evoked my inner femininity, but I don't think anything is powerful enough to create new kind of personality within so short time. My first knowingly watched series was FMA with Naruto following next, it took maybe half a year or so to see Full Moon wo Sagashite and that's quite big milestone for me in many ways. Not only Full Moon is the best shoujo ever created, but also the moment when I started to like "chick flicks" more and more.

At the time the whole storyline just felt good and with lack of peer pressure I didn't know about any "gay issues" when guy watches shoujo without shaming it. On the way stuff happened and well, you know the rest. If someone would have showed me series like PriPri before I would have freaked out, but now... those skirts looks nice. =)

This topic came to mind when I tried to think what American tv show would be good and Gilmore Girls sounded great, quite awesome actually. How could it be more perfect premise? Also little more about this whole subject. I don't regret anything. I'm way happier now as a person and everything have been truly blessing to me, life is too short to pretend that you are something else than your real self.


Anonymous hayase said...

My SOP now is, if it doesn't impress me, drop it immediately. If the reviews are good, then maybe I'll watch it later. In my opinion, there's no use watching hyped shows that you really don't like. It's just a waste of time. What matters most is that you watch what you like--and enjoy it. =p

2:06 PM  
Blogger Anga said...

Yeah, that's so true. =)

3:53 PM  

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