Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mahou Shoujotai - Little different mahou shoujo, but still good

Mahou Shoujotai is one of those unlucky shows that I watched with several pauses. Fansubbing wasn't fast begin with and somewhere along the way I simple forgot the whole anime. Then when I at last remembered it after few episodes I decided to wait dvd encodes...

It goes without saying that I already was somewhat spoiled and obviously the enjoyment of story suffered. That in mind I still enjoyed Alice's adventure.

Mahou shoujo as a genre is quite beloved to me and of course this sounded promising. Even though characters are great I have to say Alice's overly optimistic attitude was little irritating at times. I usually like those kind of characters, but in this case she was too bright for her own good. I have hard time believing that anyone can keep hope so high at all times.

As far as technical aspects go I can't complain, Studio 4C has rather unique art and it shows here too with good character designs. Plus in music there is also lovely KOTOKO. =)

It may be because of reasons I explained in the beginning, but Mahou Shoujotai lacked impact and as much as I wished the story never went beyond very good without that.

Rating: 8,5


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