Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gokinjo Monogatari 5

Gokinjo Monogatari is Ai Yazawa's earlier works which is main reason why I decided to check this out, after all she made that masterpiece also known as Nana. Unfortunately this is "only" good.

I like the fashion setting and how things revolve around clothes. There are far too little shows that use those aspects, ParaKiss was only vague light in the darkness.

Animation isn't the prettiest possible, but it's understandable considering the age of series. However, main heroine cause some problems. Sure, she looks cute and as a shoujo lead of course her antics are funny, but when it comes to romantic part of story I prefer Body-ko. I don't know, somehow Mikako act her role as a friend little too well, she obviously likes Tsutomu and still doesn't express her feelings all that well. I know that's only way how the story can last 50 episodes, but I have seen it far too many times to actually get excited about it.

Nevertheless, as long as I get some laughs out of this I will continue watching, maybe I start to like Mikako more later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should try to read the manga, it's always better then the anime, expesialy in GM!!!

11:18 AM  

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