Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Arina Tanemura is a singing goddess

On my quest to read every manga that she has done it was now volume 1 of Kamikaze kaitou jeanne's turn and I was slightly surprised how good it was. Tanemura has drawn best shoujo series ever created, Full moon wo sagashite and since then she had the honor to be one of few mangakas I really like. At first glance KKJ seems to be quite standard shoujo manga and it's hard to say something else.

But she just has magical touch that make any series good, shortly after the starting I found myself laughing like hell. Arina Tanemura is truly a goddess. If you wondered why singing, she singed her own version of Smile, that song is at least in FMWS's Final live OST. I should write fully detailed post about Tanemura someday, but not before I have read her every manga. That probably take some time though...


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