Saturday, July 22, 2006

Timeless boredom in the middle of rush

Sigh, too many episodes to watch and not that much motivation to actually write something. The fact that I have said almost everything I can think of doesn't exactly help. This particular moment where first impressions are done, but the stories haven't picked up yet is dull time when I should think something creative about thin yuri fanboys or why Nana is now one step closer being perfect anime with perfect content. But it would suck anyway so I can't be bothered right now.

Few random notes:

- .hack//roots ep 16: Somewhat interesting episode for once. How they managed to make such awesome music?

- Honey&clover II ep 2: Why have I so slow computer? I can't watch HD files...

- Princess princess ep 12: Still waiting in 'to watch'-list. PriPri deserves review just because there have been lot of misunderstanding about it. Crossdressers, not yaoi!

- Ah! my goddess: I really should write proper post, but for now I say only this. AMG is dropped, I can't stand Keiichi and his brainless harem anymore. But since I liked it a lot in past there probably will be more, stay tuned if you still care.


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