Friday, July 28, 2006

.hack//roots 17

I have been bit amazed about roots's quality recently and I think Haseo's emo mode gets main thanks. The story so far has been moderately interesting, I would have dropped this long ago otherwise. But lack of any emotional attachments have still kept my expectations somewhat low, it's far from same thing when I don't particularly care what happens to characters. It's little funny, but I think my favourite character's, Shino's disappearance triggered this. Little after that Haseo started his angst and as you may know I eat angst with every meal so it's only natural that my interest raised.

I'm also not sure when I was this excited over action scenes, that's quite achievement considering my current dislike of action generally. So far so good, Shino's and Haseo's relationship is interesting one and I hope it stays that way to the end of series.


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