Thursday, August 10, 2006

Strawberry Panic 19

Strawberry Panic has been so mixed experience that I'm not sure if all episodes are even from same show. About half of total episodes have been average cheesy yuri that's forgettable entertainment and the other half varied probably more than any other anime from spring season. Few episodes have been hilariously bad and some so bad that it's not even funny. Then also few where drama is very good and I really care what happens to characters. What makes it even more weird that there is no regularity. If one episode was good or bad next one could be everything between them and that's reason why I can't call SPanic good yet.

This time it was good drama. It seems that almost all worthwhile drama gather around Shizuma. The plot clearly try to keep it that way, but even if other characters have apparently sad scenes the effect is close to nothing. I really hope that the end gives to Shizuma enough character development. If anyone deserve it then it's her.


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