Sunday, August 27, 2006

Utawarerumono 8

Usually I try to avoid all h-game adaptions and doggirls aren't really my thing so first impression was poor and I ended up dropping this after first episode. Due to this review I decided to give it another chance and while it's not anything too amazing it's not bad either.

One of main reasons why I find action shows boring is lack of larger concept, one super hero that save the world alone and keeps getting better all the time. I liked a lot the fact that Hakuoro makes plans how defeat the enemy, but act like a leader without playing main role in the battlefield. But why exactly almost everyone have animal ears? Yeah, it's fantasy, but still. When one or two characters are like that I don't care, here it's so overdone that I just try my best to ignore those.

While this looks like pretty serious show there are some occasions when it tries to be funny and fail miserably. That's supposed to be comedy? But not to care about that, the plot is nicely done. Rebellion isn't common theme in anime and I find it fairly interesting. I wonder what direction they go now, more wars against the other countries?

However, main reason why I have watched this much begin with lies elsewhere. Both OP and ED are excellent songs and to be honest those were only reason to keep going in the beginning. All in all, I'm not excited or anything like that, but now that I have seen 8 episodes I guess I should watch the rest too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

> But why exactly almost everyone have animal ears?

You might say that's one of the two central mysteries of the series ^o^

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone in the has animal ears because they were created in a lab and everything you see takes place after the lab was destroyed.

3:50 PM  

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