Saturday, June 17, 2006

PopoloCrois Story 1998 1

That song A-BT&Pakapuka's sub use for character introduction in the beginning is catchy one. I really would like to hear that later on, but it's probably just in the game. Anyway, I found this anime through psgels's posts and I'm thankful that I did.

The episode begin with quite hilarious scene where Pietoro try to rest on the roof of the tower and Kai teases him. Shortly after that she turn back into lovely princess-like form. The bad guy of the story is mad scientist that seems to be passionate one, he has some epic plans how to conquer the world and also wants Narcia. I have to praise the character design, particularly ones that Pietoro, Narcia/Kai and Hyuu have. Those skillfully capture innocence of childhood, way better than many modern series with supposed-to-be cute animation.

The first episode was fascinating. Not anything groundbreaking, but gives a chance to watch something different once in a while.


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